Ten Things to do in Foshan

My time living in Foshan is coming to a close. It’s been an interesting first port of call on my China adventure, but the promise of greener pastures is beckoning me East to Guangzhou. 

As such I thought it would be nice to write some about the city and more specifically about some of the wonderful places that you can visit or hang your hat on a lazy weekend (Or active weekend, if that is your thing.)

This also gives me the added impetus to get out there and see those things that I’ve neglected along the way, so i’m splitting this article in two to give myself more time to explore😉.

Lingnan Tian Di

Right across the road from the famous temple in Zumiao, Lingnan Tian Di is a must for any traveller passing through, and also for any resident who appreciates a great meal or a relaxing drink. 

Eat in The Paddy Field, and experience a unique slice of Irish, and Mexican, culture. Go up the road to Nha Thrang and try a Vietnamese Coffee while looking out at the passing hordes, or simply have a relaxing drink and shisha in Test Tube, listening to the bar’s resident band, before going upstairs to Tube, Lingnan’s only fully fledged night club. 

Shops offering unique Chinese gifts and old Chinese medicine may exhibit inflated prices, but the small cobbled lanes are perfect for window shopping. 

Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

Nanfeng, in Sanshui, is a bit of a trek outside of Guicheng and Chancheng, the central districts in Foshan, but this Ancient Kiln has lots of odds and ends to set the imagination racing. 

First up is the toilet waterfall. The waterfall is famous in Foshan and the sight of hundreds of toilets piled on top of one another is really one that has to be seen to be believed. After you snap a few Pictures of this amazing structure you can take a tour of the grounds, viewing some articles attesting to Foshan’s longstanding association with the ceramics industry. 

And when all is said and done, why not take a pottery class? Queues for the class are almost non-existant, and you pay for anything that you make. 

Bruce Lee Park

A little known fact about Foshan: Kung Fu specialist Bruce Lee has familial roots here. The Hollywood star also has his own park memorialising his memory in Shunde district. 

This one is nice for the family as the park not only boasts some historical exhibitions, but kids can also play mini golf, archery, take boat-rides, and run wild in the park’s large playground and labrynthine maze. 

Again, this park is a bit of a ways outside of the centre of Foshan, but it is easily accessible by commuter buses that run from Chancheng. 

Qiandenghu Park

Slap bang in the middle of Guicheng, Qiandenghu Park is a bit of a meeting point for budding long distance runners. The park tends to be crowded on weekday evenings as busy workers head out to run or walk off the stress of a long day, but find a quiet spot to sit and you can soak up some of the unique and vibrant South Chinese atmosphere. 

The pagoda can be viewed for miles around. It overlooks the massive lake, atop a small hill. The tower has been closed for rennovations for years now, but the short walk from the lake, up the hill to the tower is worthwhile for the views alone, as you can gaze out over the flat and many hued expanse of Guicheng district. 


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